WHOLE ROLL - Vilene Thermolam Compressed Fleece - 15M

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This is a fabulous quality soft and spongy sew-in fleece/batting which has a similar texture and feel to wool felt. This fleece does a wonderful job of providing support and adding a nice 'squishy' feel to bags and purses. Use this fleece when you want a more substantial layer of padding. Try it with purse (frame) purse making and see and feel the difference! Extra wide width: 45" (114cm)

Notable features of Thermolam:

  • Adds body without adding bulk
  • Light in weight and very easy to sew through.
  • Perfect for quilting
  • Washable.

For a general guide to Interfacing/Interlining click here.

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NewWHOLE ROLL - Vilene Thermolam Compressed Fleece - 15M

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