Freudenberg Decovil Fusible (Leather-like)
Fusible Non-woven: 35 1/2in (90cm) wide.
Colour - ecru.
Consistency - similar to thin sheet rubber.
Do you want to make larger size bags that are durable and have 'great body' (just like store-bought travel bags)?  Do you want to sew fabric cases that really protect your  electronic gadgets?  Do you want your fabrics to be as firm as canvas, but still feel like supple leather? Yep? Than this is the stuff for you!

"Fully road-tested and (very) highly recommended by Lisa!"

My guess is: you won't have tried something like this before and  I'm confident it's going to amaze you (especially if you are an interfacing nerd - like me!) This superior quality specialist fusible interfacing will give your fabrics a leather-like feel (yes, it's true!)  You'll get fabric which is firm yet supple - like leather, but not hard - like cardboard.  It's also crease resistant - just like leather (should you accidentally fold it, creases iron out easily).  Use it on quilt weight to heavy weight fabrics to make your projects look and feel professional and be highly durable. Just the job for making laptop sleeves/wallets/bags or large size duffel/travel/overnighter bags, firm clutches or any bag that you want have a leather-like feel. Also great for belt/bowl/hat making.  Easy to hand or machine sew.  Try it, it's incredible!

How to use:

  1. Thoroughly iron your fabric.
  2. Place the Decovil (adhesive side down) onto the WS of your fabric.
  3. Place a clean damp cloth over your work and press each part for 8-10 seconds on a medium setting (depending on your iron you may need a higher setting.  It's best to start low and work your way up). Iron on the fabric side.
  4. Allow to dry for 20 mins so the adhesive can fully set.

Notable features at a glance:

  • Great quality adhesive for a superb bond.
  • Makes for a professional result because fabrics are truly strengthened.
  • Greatly increases the life of your projects.
  • Gives fabulous support - will give your fabric a leather-like feel.
  • Does not tear or stretch, it's crease resilient and is non-fraying.
  • Because it does not tear or stretch it's ideal for making protective cases for your laptop, camera, sat nav, MP3 player etc.
  • Creases iron out easily - if accidentally folded.
  • Fully dry cleanable and machine washable at a 40 degree gentle cycle

Please note this product will arrive folded - when you are ready to use it, the creases will iron out just fine!  :)

(As featured in:The Geek Chic iPad Case, from A bag for all reasons).


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Freudenberg Decovil Fusible (Leather-like)

Qty:  1/2 yard

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