Internal (Coin Purse) Flex Frame 4" (discounts available)

Measures 4" x 0.5" (10cm x 1.5cm) 

High quality internal flex frame. These secure frames pop open when you squeeze the sides together, and snap shut again when you let go. Use these frames to make coin purses, glasses cases, or little tool pouches. A perfect way to use up the spare fabric from the bag you have just made/will make (and ensuring your purse is a perfect match to your bag!)

Tip: these frames are also the perfect size for the Apple iPhone.

To see an easy step-by-step tutorial (with pattern, NOTE THE PATTER NEEDS TO BE 2CM WIDER THAN STATED IN THE TUTORIAL) on how to use these frames click here.





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Internal (Coin Purse) Flex Frame 4" (discounts available)

Number of Frames*
1 Frames (£2.65) 
2 Frames (£5.00)  £2.35
5 Frames (£9.50)  £6.85
10 Frames (£17.00)  £14.35
25 Frames (£22.50)  £19.85

**The price that you will pay is the bracketed price**