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How to use fusible interfacing strap tape (aka waist shaper tape) to make professional-looking bag straps

Posted by Lisa Lam on

Traditionally used for making waistbands this fusible tape is just brilliant for making neat, strong and smooth bag straps.  Now you can beef-up lighter fabrics like quilt weight fabric to make substantial and sturdy straps.   It is so easy to use, no measuring or finding the centre of anything.  Just cut and fold along the perforations as follows (instruction photos are shown below the instruction).

1.  Cut the strap interfacing tape to the same length as your desired strap length.  Ensure the interfacing short edges are straight (at 90 degrees).

2. Place the strap interfacing tape adhesive side (the shiny side) onto WS strap fabric and iron to the fabric using a medium heat. 

3.  Cute the strap out of the fabric.  Cut along the fusible tape long edges and leave 1cm (3/8") excess fabric at both short edges of the fusible strap tape.  NOTE: if you are stitching the strap ends in between a seam you do not have to leave the excess fabric at the short edges.

4.  Fold and iron both strap short edges 1cm (3/8") to the wrong side. You are folding over the short edge excess fabric.  NOTE: if you are stitching the strap ends in between a seam you can skip this step and the next.

5.  Fold and iron both strap long edges at the outer perforations.

6.  Fold and iron the whole strap in half along the centre perforation.

7.  Topstitch all around the strap.  Increase your stitch length 2.8-3 and stitch all around the strap 3mm (1/8") from the edge.

8.  Your strap is ready to use.  You can now add metalware as desired.  Ohh so pro-looking!!

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  • Thanks for this, Lisa! Must have a go! xxx

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