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U-Handbag is Here to Stay!

Posted by Lisa Lam on

(COVID-19) UPDATE:  I am still dispatching orders (on Mondays and Thursdays) during the virus outbreak.   I work alone and I'm keeping all work surfaces and cutting tools scrupulously clean.  Please expect possible delays via Royal Mail.  If anything changes I will update this page.   

I hope you are OK.  We are OK, we're doing our best to stay positive. Thank you and stay safe.

Lisa Xx



Only me!  Some of you may be wondering why U-Handbag is still here on your computer/device?  Not again, you may say!  Well, my reasons for staying here are two-fold.  As my daughter grows, I feel I must spend more time with her whilst she still wants me to!  Running U-Handbag was beginning to encroach on family time.  Something had to give, so I thought that if I could do more appearances on the TV selling channel Sewing Quarter, combined with more teaching and more book writing, I could free up time and still make a modest living.  This plan went belly-up when, late last year Sewing Quarter sadly announced that it was shutting down.  So sad, for everyone!  Alongside this, so many of my lovely U-Handbag customers have kindly begged me not to go!   

So I have decided to stay put, many of you want me to and U-Handbag is what I know and love!  I still need to free up that family time, so I am dispatching 2 days a week and I am running U-Handbag by myself.  U-Handbag is very much alive, but she is a trimmer version of her original self. 

U-Handbag will specialise in:

  • fabrics
  • my patterns - and I will continue to design
  • some of the products needed to make my designs
  • tempting limited edition products that will come and go
  • I'm always open to your suggestions, comments and requests 

I can't thank my loyal customers enough, where would I be without you?  I so appreciate your patience and support.

Big love and hugs,

Lisa Xx


  • Just read your message Lisa; so glad you decided to stay but try to be strict with your family time, it is so important!! Children grow so quickly! I know you have heard that countless times before but it really is true. I have been grateful for your advice and expertise in the past and am so glad you will still be there. All the best.

    Anita on

  • Absolutely love your website. You taught me how to make bags and couldn’t with you. So happy your staying!!

    Julie G. on

  • All the best Lisa 💐💐💐👜👜

    Diane Peck on

  • So pleased to see U-handbag back. You’re appearances on Seeing Quarter started my love of bag-making.

    Jill on

  • Hi Lisa, I wish you well in this new stage of u-handbags and I am so glad you are still here for us. Good luck 🤗

    Kathleen on

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