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Handbag Metal Zip / Strap Ends Tabs (2pk) 2 colours

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For a quick, stylish finish to your zip or straps, simply apply these metal ends.  It takes just a few minutes and the results look so glamourous.  These zipper ends are perfect for our handbag zippers, and 1" webbing.
Colours: Antique Bronze & Silver
How to apply the ends to a zipper:
1. Screw in the little screws into the zip or strap end, just a tiny bit (to get them started and so that you won't have to hunt for them later).
2. Slide the zipper pull away from the end you are going to cut (you don't want your pull to slide off).
3. You need to be able to insert the zipper teeth into the zipper end, so trim off the zipper fabric ends.  Cut the zipper to your desired length , cutting anywhere beyond the little zipper metal stop (we don't want the metal stop, it doesn't fit into the zipper end).
4. At the zipper trimmed end, fold back one of the zipper fabric long edges to the wrong side and repeat with the other side.  Aim for a nice even-looking V-shape tip on the zipper right and wrong side.
5. Slide the V-shape zipper tip into the zipper end.  Hold this in place whilst you screw the screws tight, until they bite into the zipper fabric.  Repeat all steps for other zipper end, if using.
Measurements: W1 1/16" x D35/64" x H15/64" (27 x 14 x 6mm)
Sold in: Set of 2
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